Man of Many Passions

As a dual citizen of Colombia and USA, Fernando remains loyal to both. He owns and operates 3H Equine Mobile Veterinary Clinic as an American veterinarian with FEI international treating veterinary certification, while competing internationally as a show jumper, for his native Colombia.

As practice owner / veterinarian for 3H Equine Hospital and Mobile Veterinary Services, Fernando has an ongoing, strong commitment to rebuild his home, clinic, rehab facility, stables and ring since the 2021 fire. He is an active participant in VMG (Veterinary Management Groups) and TAB (The Alternative Board) for ongoing focus and improvement of 3H as a business.

As a rider, Fernando was in the saddle before he was able to walk. Beyond that first ride and a photo, no one ever thought to count and keep track of the hours he spent there, By anyone’s best calculation, the 10,000 hour milestone was reached years ago.

As a dad, Fernando will tell anyone: “Make no mistake: It’s Hollis that gets me out of bed every morning, ready for a new day. It’s Hollis that puts the biggest smile out of my face when I come home at night. It’s Hollis that reminds Meredith and myself: we won the Lottery because Hollis is priceless.”