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Quincy Car


By Fernando Cardenas, DVM

As it turns out. Winston Churchill was right about more than just strategies for winning wars:

No hour spent in the saddle is ever wasted.

While I am not currently riding in grand prix arenas, my own hours in the saddle are now dedicated to much younger mounts. Every time one of them learns something for the first time, it is a newfound pleasure for me. I have far more to learn from these young equines than I have to teach them. The added perk? Each ignites the spark to continue my own training and conditioning. Together, we may one day even get to another end-gate at a grand prix arena. Who knows?

While releasing my grand prix horses to other riders wasn’t easy, every ride on Quincy Car during his rehab/conditioning is still a good one, even as he inches his way toward a well-deserved retirement. He doesn’t seem to mind that I ride young ones. In fact, he seems to gently join in the chorus because he gently reminds: it gets harder and harder to stay fit as you age.

Brindo por mis caballos, my 3H Team, my son, and hopeful riders and spectators everywhere:
May all your dreams come true, too.