“Giving Back” is not a new notion in America: All giving is good, but who we give to, how and why we give, however, are always personal choices. NOTHING lit my fire to give more immediately, like the incredible “windfall” in my take- home check at the Duke Jump for the Children grand prix. After winning first and second places this time. I knew I had again experienced more than my share of good fortune. I committed to giving this cause a portion of my winnings from this time forward. After all, it was right here, on these very sidelines in Raleigh, that I once stood to watch my first grand prix, as a 15 year-old.

And the remainder of that windfall? As a family, we committed to UNBOUND, a long-standing Kansas-based non-profit organization. UNBOUND supports deserving but economically struggling students from my native Colombia and around the world. We sponsor Alison. Like myself, Alison loves animals and longs to study about them. Like the children at Duke, Alison needs and deserves “a chance”, “a windfall”, or “a lucky break” to help make her dreams come true.