By Fernando Cardenas, DVM

At 3H we believe in this little bit of wisdom: “it takes “a village”,

From conception of 3H, to building, re-building and running our equine veterinary practice all the while, a good village/team has been required.…. a strong one. Why? Because without it, keeping our promise to clients to deliver compassionate medicine 24/7 would not have been possible. Because with it, today we are thriving.

The irony is that it took such threatening circumstances to bring out the best in each of our team members. We have “hit our stride” despite having to navigate the current nationwide shortage of equine vets, despite having to pick-up worn out tools after the devastating fire that left us operating out of make-shift spaces, and despite being only three doctors. How did we do it?

Our skill is cohesiveness; our secret is efficiency. We are all on the same page. When teams love their work, love the people they work with, and love the horses they work for, then by their very own definition: life is good.

Some never get such a “chance” because chance, itself, is a funny thing. Is chance a lucky break or a matter of timing? A series of fortunate events, a coincidence, or the predictable result of hard work? No one knows for sure about chance, but at 3H we do know is this: working as a team is an uncommon privilege.

As practice owner, I am profoundly grateful for my team.