Is there such a thing as coincidence? Who knows?
Is there such a thing as love at first sight when it comes to a horse?
Who knows?

I do not, but the coincidence of this horse’s barn name (Quincy) and his many similarities to my all-time favorite horse, Quincy Car, definitely caught my attention. Similar in name, conformation, color, size, style, and talent, I was immediately impressed. So impressed, I immediately re-named him, “Quincy, Too”, and he proudly wears both his new name and his new barn name, “Junior”.

First started over fences by David Jennings in South Carolina, “Junior” was a natural athlete, with one very remarkable trait: his hind end! It literally swings up and over each and every rail. THIS is something every rider wants, but very few ever find. Is this what has “caught the attention” of two of the world’s best show jumpers? Who knows for sure, but not having to worry about 2 of a horse’s 4 legs clearing the fence, it is a very good thing. And… if the horse is predictably “soundless” over fences, he may also be “priceless”.