By Fernando Cardenas, DVM

Mankind has often enforced
A savage dominance over the horse,
And for that he should apologize.

These magnificent beasts
Toiled over centuries, helping us to
Tame the wilds,
Plow and harvest our fields,
Transport our possessions,
Often even dying in our wars.

……And sometimes, under the cruelest of masters.

We are proud to say:
We have never participated in their abject slavery.

Even so…

We humbly request forgiveness
From every horse that has crossed our paths,
For they are truly Earth’s noblest creatures.

To this…

We add our sincere appreciation
For the special memories of
Horses we rode or showed,
Horses we cared for in the healing process,
Horses we trusted to keep our children safe
Horses whose beauty in the pasture inspired us.

And finally…

Whatever our individual reasons may be,
We are grateful
To the horses we have loved
For the privilege to serve them as veterinarians.